Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for violence risk
SAPROF Youth Version


The SAPROF - Youth Version (SAPROF-YV) has recently been developed as an altogether new tool specifically intended to offer a positive addition to juvenile violence risk assessment in forensic youth psychiatry. It contains 16 dynamic protective factors for juvenile violence risk.

The tool was originally developed in Dutch (first published November 2014), and shortly thereafter translated into English (published March 2015).

The SAPROF-YV can be used to complement (predominantly) risk-focused assessment tools, such as the SAVRY, YLS/CMI or JSOAP, in order to create a more comprehensive and balanced risk assessment of future violent and/or sexually violent behavior for juveniles in forensic psychiatry. The SAPROF-YV may also prove useful for the assessment of protective factors in other settings (general psychiatry, probation services, detention, addiction care, education etc).

Please see the SAPROF-YV flyer for more information and an overview of the protective factors included in the tool.

The SAPROF-YV is now available in Dutch, English and Spanish! For more information regarding the different versions of the tool, please see the links in the menu on the left. Currently, translations into French, German, Italian, Finnish and Japanese are in preparation.


Upcoming SAPROF-YV workshops are posted on the Upcoming events page.

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Validation studies are currently ongoing in The Netherlands, Spain, UK, US, Canada and Singapore. Preliminary results are promising.

For additional information regarding the SAPROF-YV you may contact the authors at: